An Update to an Old Classic: the New Meyers Manx 2.0 Electric

The Manx 2.0 Electric was publicly unveiled by Meyers Manx on August 19th at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, at the Quail Lodge & Golf Club, in Carmel, California.

A hallmark of 60’s California, the original fiberglass Meyers Manx was created in 1964 by Bruce Meyers as a dune buggy. In 1967 it went on to break the speed and time records for driving the distance of Baja and win the inaugural Mexican 1000 outright in the same year.

Trousdale Ventures, a Los Angeles venture capital firm helmed by Phillip Sarofim, acquired the Meyers Manx brand from Bruce and Winnie Meyers in 2020.  Auto designer Freeman Thomas was appointed to serve as the company’s CEO and to design the Manx 2.0 Electric.

“The Meyers Manx has always been a symbol of joy, simplicity and purity. It’s the solution to the complexity of life,” said Sarofim, Chairman, Meyers Manx. “Continuing the legacy of the Meyers Manx connects us with the optimism of the 1960s California culture, an optimism we all can share.”

Although still in development, Meyers Manx is partnering with a U.S.-based manufacturing company to bring a select number of the Manx 2.0 Electric into production in 2023.

“Knowing Bruce’s artistry and Phillip’s enthusiasm for the brand, I am so glad that Bruce trusted us to carry his legacy into the future. The new Manx 2.0 Electric is designed to exceed expectations. It’s simple and endearing and taps into the spirit of playfulness. The ageless design brings out your inner child. It’s about passion,” said Thomas.

Potential prices for the vehicle were not disclosed.

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