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Supercharger Not Enough for You? Check out the 1,300 HP Twin Turbo Shelby GT500 Code Red

In 2008, Shelby American replaced the supercharger of a GT500 with a pair of turbos on its experimental “Code Red” Shelby GT500.  At the time, Shelby thought the car was too extreme for production – but it looks like Shelby has finally come to its senses with the announcement of their production 1,300 HP twin turbo GT500 Code Red, based on the 2020-2022 Shelby GT500.

Source: Shelby American

For the new 2020-2022 Code Red, Shelby says it worked closely with partners to develop a robust, powerful and reliable package. The 5.2L engine will feature all-new high-performance components boosted by an intercooled premium twin turbo system, a new fuel system, engine management system, and more. Each Code Red boasts 1,000+ horsepower and 780-foot pounds of torque on 93 octane pump gas with up to 1,300 horsepower and 1,000-foot pounds of torque on E85 Ethanol.

Source: Shelby American

This new GT500 Code Red is more than just a drivetrain upgrade. It features the widebody package with new wheels, tires, axles, suspension tuning, interior, badges, carbon fiber hood, and more.

Source: Shelby American

Just 30 examples of the Code Red will be built, ten each for the 2020 through 2022 model years of the current GT500 model. Pricing starts at $209,995, but that doesn’t include the car itself. 

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