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The Best Ford Truck Commercial That Never Aired

It seems like we have been enduring the TV truck wars forever. Ford and Chevrolet (and to a lesser extent, Dodge) have traded insults and compared specs in an infinite number of commercials over the years, but the ’80s and ’90s were the heyday. Ford was in an acrimonious battle with their crosstown rival, Chevy, over which one of them had the biggest, best, or toughest truck on the market.

A perfect example is this commercial from 1991. Actor Michael Skewes, Ford’s truck spokesman of the day, points out with ridicule some of the stunts that Ford’s competitors (insert Chevy) has performed trying to compare their trucks to the Ford F-Series. Poor, frustrated Chevy just couldn’t get over the fact that the F-Series had been the best selling truck for 12 straight years, and oh yeah, the Ranger was also the best selling compact truck.

After the original commercial plays, we get to see the best truck wars commercial that never aired. Skewes, this time puffing on a cigarette, calls out Chevy in not so uncertain NSFW terms. Calling out Chevy for their “bullshit” stunts, the second commercial has to be seen to be believed.

If Ford’s marketing team spent the time and money putting this together, my guess is that the VHS tape just didn’t just get passed around the office. My bet is that they actually showed this at some of their dealer meetings – I mean, how could they let something this good go to waste?

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