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Webb Motorworks EVs at SEMA 2021

I’ve made a couple of social media posts about the EVs at SEMA already, but here are a few more pics of some builds from Webb Motorworks out of British Columbia with their E-Crate motors. Basically, the have created housings for the EVs out of cast/machined aluminum parts that mimic the appearance of several internal combustion engines.

Here is a “small block Chevy” in a ’69 Z/28:

And check out this ’57 Chevy:

How about a flathead in a ’32 Ford Coupe? Here you go:

Here is another close up of their flathead Ford housing:

Personally, I like what Webb has done, attempting to bridge the gap between the traditional look that hot rodders want, but incorporating EV technology. I know some of us will cry foul, but like it or not, we are just at the beginning of the wave of electrified hot rods and classics. With Ford’s release of their new Eluminator electric crate motor this idea is starting to gain some real momentum. I’m not quite ready (nor do I know if I ever will be) to build an EV hot rod, but ultimately I think this is a good thing for the hobby.

Now, someone just needs to build a convincing system that adds the sound and smell of an ICE to and EV…

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